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shipcloud offers online retailers an easy and fast connection to UPS thanks to its cloud-based interface. You can use either our RESTful API or one of the many available plug-ins. shipcloud always keeps the UPS interface up to date, saving you time and money on development and maintenance.

Thanks to shipcloud, you can automate your shipping processes and flexibly respond to customer requests. Easily create shipping labels from within your existing system. Thanks to shipcloud’s integrated shipment tracking you and your customers will always have the latest status updates on your shipments

You can use UPS in just a few steps. Simply register, add your default from address – and you’re done!

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The benefits 
of shipcloud’s integration for UPS

Whether you send standard, express or return, in Germany or worldwide – UPS always has the perfect solution.

Send, Track & Return
for UPS

Create a return label for each shipment or use our return portal. And benefit from automatic shipment tracking fitted to your own design.

With or without existing 
UPS business rates

You can use UPS either via our business rates or with your own existing rates. You can integrate your own business rates with us starting from a Professional subscription.

UPS as a
strong partner

With UPS, you can offer your customers a whole new range of options. Take advantage of services like UPS Express and UPS Express Saver.

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Overview of
shipcloud’s UPS integration

Take advantage of a range of practical services, such as tracking or higher insurance.

Shipping Option
  • UPS Standard (International) 1
  • UPS Expedited (International)
  • UPS Return (International) 2
  • USP Express Safer (1 Day) 3
  • USP Express (1 Day) 3
  • USP Express 12:00 3
Additional Services
  • Sendungsverfolgung
  • Abgabe im Paketshop
  • Höherversicherung
  • Adult Signature
  • Nachnahme
  • Handelsrechnung
  • Samstagszustellung
  • Direct Delivery Only

The specifications are for shipping from Germany. It is also possible to ship from another country outside of Germany if you are using your own UPS contract. In this case, please contact our Sales Team.

Combine UPS with other parcel services

Benefit from the individual strengths and services of 20+ carriers via a single interface. Multi-carrier shipping offers maximum flexibility – for you and your customers.

To the carriers

Take advantage of
130+ e-commerce systems

Optimize your shipping from within your system. shipcloud offers easy connectivity thanks to a variety of existing integrations or a modern RESTful API.

Our integrations
With the flexible connection of new carriers and the central dashboard for all incoming and outgoing shipments shipcloud offers the ideal solution.

– Max Schönemann, Co-Founder of Rebelle

Questions about shipping 
with UPS?

Please visit our Help Center for important information about shipping with UPS via our attractive business rates or your own business rates.

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