About shipcloud

shipcloud is the start of a new era in package shipping

We are shipcloud, the shipping service provider: founders Stefan Hollmann and Claus Fahlbusch and our experienced team of software developers, support and marketing/business development experts. For more than a decade we've been inspired by the power of e-commerce. But during that time we’ve often been disappointed by the poor integration of carriers and a lack of automation in online shopping systems. Then one morning, around the breakfast table, we came up with a new idea. An idea that ultimately became shipcloud GmbH in May 2013.

Since then we’ve been working in the middle of Hamburg, the top logistics location, every day with pleasure to maintain the competitive advantage of online retailers. Together with us, you are always one package ahead of the competition.

Because shipcloud solves the problems of online retailers thanks to a cloud-based shipping platform and offers them a simple interface to all relevant carriers. Depending on the expected monthly shipping volume there is a suitable subscription for every retailer. This solution offers total freedom in their choice of carriers, while saving time and money to focus on their core activities.

With 130+ integrations into the leading shop, ERP, inventory management, marketplace, checkout and fulfillment systems and the modern RESTful API, the integration into the retailer's own system is faster and easier than connecting to individual carriers. This unique solution enables the automated printing of shipping labels and the automatic tracking of shipments. Return management is also included.

shipcloud enables innovative logistics concepts!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@shipcloud.io. Our team is looking forward to hearing from you. Become ahead of the pack with us!

shipcloud as an employer

You are a non-profit organization and need support with shipping from your online shop?