shipcloud Return - return management

Simplify the return process

Online retailers face a variety of challenges: an optimal shopping experience for their customers or the smooth delivery directly to the doorstep, just to name a few. Nonetheless there is one topic in particular to focus on: the optimal return process.

Too small, too big or too late... There are various reasons for customers to return their purchase. The return process is a part of the shopping experience.

Offer your customers an easy return process in addition to a fast delivery. This increases your customers satisfaction and makes them want to choose your services again. The only question is: how can you manage all this at once?

With shipcloud you can adapt the return process exactly to your needs. You can decide whether you want to

  • provide your customers with a return portal or
  • enclose the return label with the parcel

Your own return portal

With the help of a return portal, your customers can easily create their own return label - exactly when they need it.
Optimize your return process and minimize your workload
DHL, DPD or UPS. Let your customers choose the carrier for their returns
Increase customer satisfaction. A smooth service from dispatch to return

As a shipcloud customer, you can set up your own return portal with just a few clicks. DHL, DPD and UPS are available to you, either using our business rates or your own carrier accounts.

All features summarized

  • Set up your return portal for DHL, UPS and DPD in only a few minutes
  • Design the return portal in the look & feel of your brand
  • Let your customers choose the carrier for their returns
  • Return labels for your customers can be downloaded as PDFs or send conveniently via e-mail
  • Get a better overview of returns, including shipping status
  • The return portal can also be used with your own return conditions even if the outbound shipment was not created via shipcloud

You want to test shipcloud and the return portal?

Enclosed return labels with shipcloud

If you don't want to use the return portal feature, you can also simply print and enclose return labels with your parcels. As a retailer, this makes your return process more flexible and allows you to respond to different customer requests. Using this method you can also create return labels for DHL, DPD or UPS - either using our business rates or your own carrier accounts. Give it a try!