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Achieve your full potential

How well organized is your shipment tracking? Have you already automated all your processes or are you just happy to send your customers a tracking link after they have placed an order? If you take the latter approach, you are way behind the curve and missing out.

Consider what actually happens after a notification e-mail is sent. In your online store, probably not a lot, because your customers are being directed straight to the carrier’s shipment tracking page. There, your customers can track their packages day-by-day until they finally get their item. But those clicks could have been yours.

How much additional potential does your online store offer?

Integrating your tracking information into the customer accounts in your online store not only increases the number of repeat visits to your site, it also provides a platform for product recommendations. Your business will benefit from this upselling potential.

Add it up – it’s worth it. Average number of orders per day:


Your additional annual sales:

Individual tracking – Our solution for you

shipcloud shipment tracking is a multi-carrier tracking solution that gives you all the relevant shipment information in a standardized, automated, and carrier-independent form.
In addition to automating your tracking processes, you can display this information in your online store, as described above.

Features of shipcloud shipment tracking:

Send automated notification e-mails and direct your customers to your own tracking page.
View the status of all shipments in one place. Always know exactly where your shipments are at all times.
Multi-carrier tracking via RESTful API & webhooks – standardized tracking for all available carriers.
Multilingual emails and tracking pages (de/en/es/fr/it)
Design your own notification e-mails and tracking page in the look & feel of your brand.
These features are automatically included for each shipment via shipcloud and for every available pricing plan.

Available now: Tracking only

Do you just want to use individual shipment tracking, without creating shipping labels? No problem.

We'll be happy to give you a no-obligation quote. With shipcloud you can also use multi-carrier tracking via our RESTful tracking API, which is available to you for the following carriers: DHL, UPS, DPD and GLS.