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Choose a pricing plan that matches your estimated monthly shipping volume and click REGISTER.

After your registration, you will receive a confirmation email. Please click the link in the mail in order to activate the account.

To start your subscription, please enter your account information, invoice address and billing details. Billing details are required for all pricing plans other than Developer.


You can integrate shipcloud into your online store or ERP system by using the appropriate plug-in or the shipcloud API

Sending shipments with carriers

If you already have a direct account with one or more carriers, you can connect with them through shipcloud under your existing terms and conditions. For instructions on how to set up your carrier accounts in shipcloud, please contact

If you do not have any direct accounts with carriers, you can connect with them using shipcloud's business rates. Current shipping charges are displayed in your shipcloud dashboard. Unfortunately, we are unable to publish charges on our website.

Once you've registered, you can immediately start shipping with the following carriers: DPD, DHL and UPS. If you want to use Hermes, please send a request to and we will arrange your registration with the required carrier(s). Please note that this process may take a few days. Once activated, the carriers will appear in your shipcloud dashboard.

You can only connect with FedEx, MyDPD Business from DPD (formerly known as iloxx/MyDPD Business), TNT and GLS through shipcloud if you have a direct account with them.

To use Deutsche Post as a shipping option in shipcloud, please contact and we will unlock this service for you. Pleas note that you will need a prepaid account ("Portokasse") with Deutsche Post.

International shipping within the EU

shipcloud supports international shipments from Germany to all EU countries. Please note, however, that not all carriers deliver to all of these countries. If you have a direct account with a carrier and require additional information, please contact

Printing shipping labels

When you create a shipping label with shipcloud, it can be downloaded as a PDF in A5/A6 format and printed on any regular office or thermal label printer.

Collection/deposit at carrier service points

If you have a direct account with one or more carriers, your existing terms and conditions for (regular) collection/deposit at carrier service points are still valid when using shipcloud. You can also use your shipcloud WebUI to request one-off collections from DPD, Hermes, or UPS directly. (Please note the instruction for request one-off collections)

If you are using shipcloud's business rates, you will be able to request one-off collections for DPD, Hermes or UPS. To activate this service, please contact our support team at

Please note that there may be a charge for this service based on the number of items in each collection order. Your shipment will be collected in the next available timeslot, usually on the next working day.(the next weekday between 09:00 and 17:00 at the earliest.)

When sending with GLS you'll have to contact your nearest GLS depot to have your shipments be collected.


DHL: Pickups with DHL are only possible with your own DHL account via the business customer portal.

Fedex: Please note, that you can only use pickups with Fedex if you include your own Fedex account in shipcloud.

Depostit at carrier service points if you are using shipcloud’s business rates:

With DHL and UPS, you can drop off your shipments at the nearest service point for the respective carrier. Unfortunately, it is not possible to drop off Hermes and DPD shipments at corresponding service points, i.e., they will have to be collected from your premises.

Aside from arranging collections your DPD and GLS shipments can also be dropped off at your nearest DPD or GLS depot, but not at a service point.

Letters can be delivered to a specific address or for collection at any branch of Deutsche Post or at any DHL Packstation.

Tracking shipments

You can track your shipments during transit using a tracking ID provided by shipcloud. When entering this number, you can either use all 40 digits or only the first 10. Once your shipment has been dispatched, the recipient will also receive an e-mail with tracking details.

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