How It Works

1. Choose the subscription that suits you

Do you already have very large numbers of shipments or are you just starting now? Simply decide on your expected monthly shipping volume. Consider which carriers and business rates you want to use.

Integrate your own carrier accounts from our Professional subscription or just use our business rates at the Ambition subscription.

Are you just starting now? In this case, our Starter subscription is just right for you. Create up to 30 shipments per month through our business rates with DHL, DPD and UPS.

Choose your subscription now

2. Easy integration

You can integrate shipcloud into your web store, ERP and inventory management systems by using the appropriate plug-in or the shipcloud API.

3. Start now and send immediately!

After registering at shipcloud you will have immediate access to DHL, UPS and DPD via our business rates.

If you want to use other carriers, whether via our business rates or for integrating your own carrier accounts, please contact our support team at

Sending shipments with carriers

Ship with your own carrier accounts

Do you already have your own accounts with one or more of the carriers supported by shipcloud? From our Professional subscription you can easily integrate your existing accounts for all connected carriers (DHL, DHL Express, Deutsche Post, UPS, DPD, Hermes, GLS, MyDPD Business (iloxx), TNT, GO!, PARCEL.ONE, Cargo International, Seven Senders and ANGEL). You can also optimise your shipping costs by using our business rates for the carriers UPS, DPD, DHL, Hermes and GLS in addition to your own carrier accounts.

Please let us know for which carriers you would like to integrate your account. We would be happy to activate the configuration for you. Simply send us an email to

Use the shipcloud business rates

Currently the following carriers are available via shipcloud business rates:

  • Included in all subscriptions: DHL, DPD and UPS
  • From the Ambition subscription: DHL, DPD and UPS as well as Hermes & GLS

If you want to use Hermes and GLS, please send a request to and we will arrange your registration with the required carrier. This may take 2-3 days until the registration is confirmed.

If you would like know the rates for calculating your costs in advance please register at shipcloud first. Once you have registered you can request the current rates in the WebUI under the menu item "Shipment Quote". Unfortunately we are unable to publish shipping rates on our website.

International shipping

With shipcloud you can immediately ship from Germany to the rest of the world.

If you want to ship with shipcloud from abroad:

  • If you are using your own account with UPS shipcloud enables shipping from any place in the world.
  • With your own DPD account: shipcloud enables shipping with DPD from Austria, Switzerland and the Low Countries.

Printing shipping labels

When you create a shipping label with shipcloud it can be downloaded as a PDF in A5/A6 format and printed on any regular office or thermal label printer.

Collection/deposit at carrier service points

Parcel collection

If you have a direct account with one or more carriers, your existing terms and conditions for (regular) collection/deposit at carrier service points are still valid when using shipcloud. You can also use your shipcloud WebUI to request one-off collections from DPD, Hermes or UPS directly. ( Please note the instruction for request one-off collections).

If you are using shipcloud's business rates you will be able to request one-off collections for DPD, Hermes or UPS.

Please note that there may be a charge for this service based on the number of items in each collection order. Your shipment will be collected in the next available timeslot, usually on the next working day (the next weekday between 09:00 and 17:00 at the earliest).

You can request one-off collections in the shipcloud WebUI under the menu item "Pickup".

Deposit at carrier service points

With DHL and UPS you can drop off your shipments at the nearest service point for the respective carrier.

Unfortunately it is not possible to drop off Hermes and DPD shipments at corresponding service points, i.e., they will have to be collected from your premises.

Aside from arranging collections your DPD and GLS shipments can also be dropped off at your nearest DPD and GLS depot but not at a service point.

Letters can be delivered to a specific address or for collection at any branch of Deutsche Post or at any DHL Packstation.

Individual tracking

With shipcloud shipment tracking you will receive a separate tracking page and email notification for each shipment in your individual design.

Add your company logo and customize color values and text to suit your store design.

You can also control which shipping status you want to use to update your receivers. Set yourself apart from the competition and look forward to happy customers.

Did we answer all your questions? Awesome! Then register and start creating shipments via shipcloud right away!