Pallet shipping with Cargo International and shipcloud

Cargo International offers you global shipping solutions for general cargo - thanks to euro and disposable pallet shipping. With their national and international networks you can get your shipments to their destination quick and flexible.

With shipcloud, you can quickly and easily connect Cargo International to your store, ERP or inventory management system. To do this, use our RESTful API or one of the plug-ins already available.

With our solution, you can now send euro- or disposable pallets via Cargo International in addition to your parcels. Cargo International always offers you a transparent and uniform pricing for your shipping.

The benefits of shipcloud integration:

  • Send pallets with one click and at a uniform price throughout Germany
  • Each ordered shipment is inclusive collection
  • Take advantage of automatic shipment tracking - fitted to your own design
  • Book pallets flexibly via your backend in addition to shipping your parcels

You can start using Cargo International with a few simple steps. Just register, add your default from address and you're done!

An overview of Cargo International integration into shipcloud:

If you already have your own existing account with Cargo International, you can easily use it with shipcloud and continue sending pallets at your rates. Are you interested in using Cargo International? Then contact We will be happy to get you in contact with Cargo International.

This carrier is available to you from our professional subscription.

The following services are available

Shipping option Additional services
Disposable pallet
Euro pallet
Large Parcel (Forwarder) Advance Notice
(via phone)
Standard (national) Additional insurance cover
Express (national) Collection incl.

Cargo International is currently only available if you have your own account.

Get started now with Cargo International

Are you interested in using Cargo International with shipcloud? Find out everything you need to know when integrating Cargo International with shipcloud in your system.

If you aren’t a customer of Cargo International you can register free of charge with our partner within a few minutes.

Here you can find Cargo International's standard price list.

Do you need more information about Cargo International and how to use it with shipcloud? We will be happy to help. Just contact us at

Shipments using your existing Cargo International account

If you would like to integrate your existing Cargo International account into shipcloud, we will be happy to activate your account. Please send an e-mail to Once activated, "Cargo International" will appear in your shipcloud WebUI under "Settings" -> "Carriers" -> "Cargo International".

When your account has been activated, you can send at your own rates. In this case, your individual terms and conditions between you and Cargo International apply with regard to transport insurance and dispatch conditions.

How to complete the configuration:

For shipping with Cargo International you need an account with this carrier.

For the configuration in shipcloud you need the following data:
What you need Description
Customer Number/password: Please enter your "Userid" (customer number) and your "API password" (password) from Cargo International here. You will find this data directly in your Cargo International account under "Settings" -> "API Key".
Shipping note by email Here you can decide whether you would like to receive the shipping note and the order confirmation again at the e-mail address deposited with Cargo International after you’ve created the shipping order. If so please select "On" in the configuration. In this case, please tick "your shipping note" in your Cargo International account in the notification settings as well.

Information about shipping with Cargo International

With the creation of the shipping order we automatically book a collection of your shipment for the following working day between 09:00 and 17:00. You can also view the pick-up day and the time period after creating the shipping label on the shipment detail page in your shipcloud WebUI. Please make sure that the shipment is sufficiently packed for pallet shipment at the time of collection. You can also find helpful packaging tips for packing a disposable- or euro pallet directly at Cargo International.

Please note that pallet shipping is currently only possible for shipping within Germany. If you are interested in shipment beyond Germany, please contact us at