Deutsche Post

If you send a lot of small or lightweight shipments, you might like to consider the various letter options from Deutsche Post. Compared with parcel services, these options are significantly cheaper and have a very high rate of first-time delivery; the only downside is the lack of tracking and insurance. The typical delivery time for merchandise and book shipments with Deutsche Post is about four working days. If you regularly send large numbers of low-value items, then Deutsche Post is well worth a closer look.

As a shipcloud user, you can create Deutsche Post labels directly from your store, ERP, or inventory management system. In other words, the process is identical to that for parcel shipments. Whatever products your customers order, with shipcloud you can create the labels you need in a single operation.

What options does Deutsche Post offer?

Deutsche Post offers a choice of letter services based on the nature of the items you want to send.

Merchandise shipments

This is a low-cost service for items weighing up to 1,000 g and measuring up to 15 cm in height, e.g., replacement parts, mobile phone accessories, or small textile products.

Book shipments

This service is available for printed papers only, e.g., books, brochures, and maps.

How to set up Deutsche Post in your shipcloud account

To use Deutsche Post as a shipping option in shipcloud, you will first need a prepaid account ("Portokasse") with Deutsche Post. You can add credit to your prepaid account via PayPal or Giropay. Whenever you create a new postage label, the cost will be deducted from your prepaid account.

If you don’t already have a prepaid account with Deutsche Post, you can set one up quickly and easily – just set up your prepaid account.

Once you’ve set up your prepaid account with Deutsche Post, please contact and we will unlock this service for you. After we’ve unlocked the service, simply enter your Deutsche Post account details (e-mail address and password) in the shipcloud WebUI and you're ready to go.

Sending letters to a DHL Packstation

If you want to send a letter to a DHL Packstation, please note the following instructions when creating the label:

...C/o address: (Packstation customer number of recipient)
...House number: (Packstation number)
...Zip Code: (Packstation zip code)

Note on tracking and delivery

Please note that the Deutsche Post letter service does not include additional services, such as tracking.

In addition, the Deutsche Post letter service can only be used for shipments within Germany.

Letters can be delivered to a specific address or for collection at any branch of Deutsche Post or at any DHL Packstation.

If you have any queries regarding packaging, discounts, or delivery to Deutsche Post branches and mailboxes, please contact Deutsche Post directly.

You can start using Deutsche Post with a few simple steps. Just register, add your default from address and you're done!