DHL shipping with shipcloud

With shipcloud, you can quickly and easily connect DHL to your store, ERP or inventory management system. To do this, use our API or one of the plug-ins already available.

This enables you to create shipping labels automatically from your existing system. There is no need to laboriously type in names and addresses or import address data via CSV files. With integrated shipment tracking, you and your customers also know exactly where the shipment is at all times.

DHL is a reliable partner for regular and affordable parcel shipping to destinations in Germany, Europe and around the world. From small packages to large parcels, DHL is your international shipping specialist.

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The benefits of shipcloud integration:

  • Use our DHL business customer terms and conditions
  • Alternatively, use your own DHL account
  • Create the right returns label for inclusion in every shipment
  • Take advantage of automatic shipment tracking - fitted to your own design
  • Use additional services like DHL Premium, Visual check of age and preferred time

You can start using DHL with a few simple steps. Just register, add your default from address and you're done!

An overview of DHL's integration into shipcloud:

As soon as you register, DHL is ready for you to use for shipments under the terms and conditions available to shipcloud as a business customer. If you already have your own DHL account, you can easily enter the details into shipcloud. We show you how to do this here .

The following services are available

Shipping option Additional services
Standard (international) 1 (S/O) Shipping to Packstation (S/O)
Return (national) 2 (S/O) Tracking (S/O)
Bulky items (O) Deposit at carrier service point (S/O)
  Advance Notice (S/O)
  Premium (O)
  Visual check of age (O)
  Ident check (O)
  Preferred time (O)
  Additional insurance cover (O)
  Cash on delivery (O)

(S/O): Possible under shipcloud terms and with own account

(O): Possible only with own account

Get started now with DHL

Find out everything you need to know when shipping with DHL using our rates or with your own account.

Send parcels at shipcloud rates

We have put together some important information for you here if you are shipping your DHL parcels at our rates. Please note that our full range of services is currently only available for shipping from Germany.

Parcel insurance

Every parcel is insured nationally and internationally up to €500. Please note that this insurance is valid only if your shipments have been packed in accordance with DHL packing guidelines.


As a shipcloud customer, you can easily create DHL return labels and include them in your parcels. These labels are billed on a usage basis. Please note that you can currently create return shipping labels for DHL shipping services for shipments within Germany only.

Maximum dimensions and weight

Max. weight: 31.5 kg
Max. dimensions: 120 x 60 x 60 cm
Max. combined length and girth: 360 cm

Please note that it is not possible to send bulky shipments at shipcloud rates. This option is only available if you have your own business customer account.


DHL reserves the right to impose surcharges, e.g., for address correction, manual sorting, and deliveries to islands and outlying areas. A surcharge may also be applied if the actual parcel dimensions or weight do not correspond with those specified.

shipcloud reserves the right to pass on these charges to you.

Information concerning parcel drop-off and collection

DHL shipments sent at shipcloud rates can be dropped off at any service point or branch of Deutsche Post. For DHL collections, you require a DHL business customer account. Collections can be arranged with DHL via the Business Portal or as a regular collection.

Shipments using your existing DHL account

If you would like to integrate your existing DHL "Ship"3 account into shipcloud, we will be happy to activate your account. Please send an e-mail to Once activated, "DHL Paket" will appear in your shipcloud WebUI under "Settings" -> "Carriers" -> "DHL".

When your account has been activated, you can continue sending parcels at your rates. In this case, your individual terms and conditions apply with regard to:

  • transport insurance
  • (regular) collection/deposit of shipments at service points
  • worldwide/international shipping, including outside the EU
The following information is required to configure your DHL account

To configure your DHL account in shipcloud, you need your 14-digit account number and your login details for the DHL Business Portal as well as DHL Track&Trace.

Please note that you can have more than one account number. The account numbers will differ for DHL Paket and DHL Paket International. You will find your account numbers in the DHL Business Portal under "masterdata" -> contract positions or on your DHL bill.

How to complete the configuration for DHL standard shipping:
What you need Description
Username/password Please enter your login details for the DHL Business Portal. We would recommend to create a new user for shipcloud. Please note that the user name can only use lower cases and can’t be longer than 20 characters. You can change your user name in your DHL Business Portal under the menu item "user administration".
Tracking username/password In order to use the web-based Track&Trace service, you will have to request a "zt ID" from DHL. The zt ID always begins with "zt" followed by six digits, e.g., zt123456.

You can then enter this information in this field. If you do not yet have login details for DHL Track&Trace, please explicitly request activation of the "DASS (Direktaufrufschnittstelle)" direct access interface when applying. If you do not, you may be able to log in to Track&Trace, but you will not have the permissions required to receive status updates.
Account Number DHL Paket Please enter your 14-digit account number for DHL Paket
Account Number DHL Paket International Please enter, if existing, your 14-digit account number for DHL Paket International
Returns with your own DHL account

To arrange DHL returns, you first need to ask your DHL sales partner for your login details to DHL Retoure Online "Type 3".

If you have your own Retoure Online "Type 3" returns account, we need the following from you:

Configuration for DHL Retoure Online "Type 3"
Username/password The name and password of the web-based service user are required. This is usually the name of the portal ID preceded by the word "web".
Portal ID You will receive the portal ID by e-mail when booking DHL returns (usually your company name)
Return recipient Name of the return portal, which can be found in your return portal (usually RetourenWeb01)

Shipping to a DHL Packstation

If you want to send a shipment to a DHL Packstation, please note the following instructions when creating the shipping label.

Please complete the fields as follows:

...C/o address: Packstation customer number of recipient
...House number: Packstation number
...Zip code: Packstation zip code

Shipping to non-EU countries

When shipping to non-EU countries, please remember to complete the relevant customs documents, e.g., pro forma or commercial invoice. As we do not currently support customs/tax formalities and the associated documentation, you will have to clear your shipments directly. Please follow the guidelines provided by DHL and contact the carrier directly if you have any queries.

1 shipcloud provides assistance from Germany for international shipping of your DHL parcels.

2 Currently, you can only create return labels for shipments within Germany.

3 DHL "Ship"

DHL currently uses two different systems for creating shipping labels: "Ship" and "Intraship" function. Depending on which system is configured for your DHL account we will have to activate different configurations for you in shipcloud. Because DHL "Ship" is the most recent and most extensive solution, we will activate this connection by default.

If you are using "Intraship", please give us a short notice. An integration of your Intraship account in shipcloud is possible as well. Please note that DHL will convert all existing customers to their most recent and innovative sytstem "Ship". Only "Ship" will support additional services like DHL Visual check of age and preferred time. We therefore advise you to convert your DHL account to "Ship". To get the details, please write your DHL account manager. If you have any questions, please write us to