DHL Express with shipcloud

Are u looking for a carrier that will deliver your urgent parcels reliable and safe from door to door? With DHL Express you have found the right partner: As the leading provider for express shipping and with their global express network, DHL Express will transport anything from smaller packages to bigger parcels for you.

With shipcloud, you can quickly and easily connect DHL Express to your store, ERP, or inventory management system. To do this, use our API or one of the plug-ins already available.

This enables you to create shipping labels automatically from your existing system. There is no need to laboriously type in names and addresses or import address data via CSV files. With integrated shipment tracking, you and your customers also know exactly where the shipment is at all times.

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The benefits of shipcloud integration:

  • Use your own DHL Express account
  • Ship your parcels in no time at all without complex integration projects
  • Take advantage of automatic shipment tracking - fitted to your own design
  • Benefit from a standard interface for DHL Paket and DHL Express

You can start using DHL Express with a few simple steps. Just register, add your default from address and you're done!

An overview of DHL Express integration into shipcloud:

It is currently only possible to use DHL Express in shipcloud if you have your own DHL Express account. You can continue sending parcels at your DHL Express rates.

The following services are available

Shipping option Additional services
DHL Domestic Express (1 Day) 1 Tracking
DHL Domestic Express 12:00 (1 Day Early) 2 Deposit at carrier service point
  Saturday delivery

Get started now with DHL Express

Find out everything you need to know when shipping with DHL Express using our your own account.

Configuration for your own DHL Express account in shipcloud

If you already have your own account with DHL Express and would like to use it with shipcloud, please write us an email to We will gladly activate the carrier for you.

Once activated, "DHL Express" will appear in your shipcloud WebUI under "Settings" -> "Carrier" -> "DHL Express".

In order to use DHL Express with shipcloud you will need access to "DHL Express Global Webservices". Your DHL Express account manager will provide you with that access.

You need to enter the following details in shipcloud:

username & password: login details for "DHL Express Global Webservices"

DHL Express account number: Your DHL 9-digit account number for express. Please ask your DHL contact for the account number.

Shipping to a DHL Packstation

If you want to send a shipment to a DHL Packstation, please note the following instructions when creating the shipping label.

Please complete the fields as follows:

...C/o address: (Packstation customer number of recipient)
...House number: (Packstation number)
...Zip code: (Packstation zip code)

Important information for shipping with your own DHL Express account

It is currently only possible to use DHL Express in shipcloud if you have your own DHL Express account. You can continue sending parcels at your DHL Express rates. In this case, your individual terms and conditions apply with regard to transport insurance or (regular) collection/deposit of shipments at service points

Information concerning parcel drop-off and collection

At the moment, DHL Express shipments via shipcloud are only possible as regular collections. If you don’t have a regular collection with DHL Express, please get in touch with your DHL contact.

One-off collections as well as transferring the pick up times in the shipcloud WebUI are not possible at the moment. A collection can be placed via the shipcloud API. You can find more information in our Developer portal.

Returns with DHL Express

It is currently not possible to create return labels for DHL Express. You can create return labels with DHL Paket.

1 EU-wide express shipping with delivery in the course of the next work day. Your shipment will reach its destination before closing hour.

2 EU-wide express shipping with delivery before midday on the next working day

Please note that the stated terms are in transit time. The scheduled timings are without guarantee and can vary from different destinations.