GLS shipping with shipcloud

With shipcloud, you can quickly and easily connect GLS to your store, ERP or inventory management system. To do this, use our API or one of the plug-ins already available.

This enables you to create shipping labels automatically from your existing system. There is no need to laboriously type in names and addresses or import address data via CSV files. With integrated shipment tracking, you and your customers also know exactly where the shipment is at all times.

Do you need a fast and safe delivery partner? With GLS (General Logistics Systems) you can easily ship especially larger or heavy parcels quick and easy.

The benefits of shipcloud integration:

  • Use our GLS business customer terms and conditions
  • Alternatively, use your own GLS account
  • Take advantage of automatic shipment tracking
  • Ship your parcels in no time at all without complex integration projects

You can start using GLS with a few simple steps. Just write us at and tell us how you want to use GLS. Using the shipcloud business rates or your own GLS account. Both options are available.

An overview of GLS integration into shipcloud:

You can use GLS for shipments under the terms and conditions available to shipcloud as a business customer. If you already have your own GLS account, you can easily enter the details into shipcloud. We need to activate both of these options in advance.

If you are interested in shipping with GLS, please write us at and tell us how you want to integrate GLS.

The following services are available

Shipping option Additional services
Standard (EU-wide) 1 (S/O) Tracking (S/O)
Standard (international) 2 (O) Parcel shop delivery (S/O)
Return via deposit at carrier service point 3 (S/O) Advance notice (S/O)
  Guaranteed24Service (O)
  Cash on delivery (O)
  Pick&ShipService (O)

(S/O): Possible under shipcloud terms and with own account

(O): Possible only with own account

The specifications are for shipping from Germany. It is also possible to ship from another country outside of Germany if you are using your own GLS account. This is possible for the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Spain.

In this cace please contact

Get started now with GLS

Find out everything you need to know when shipping with GLS using our rates or with your own account.

If you’re interested in using GLS please contact our support team at and tell us if you want to use GLS at our rates or your own.

Please note that you have to have a minimum of 40 parcels per month for shipping with GLS via shipcloud rates.

Send parcels at shipcloud rates

We have put together some important information for you here if you are shipping your GLS parcels at our rates.

If you want to use GLS please contact so that we can activate GLS for you.

Limit of liability

If you are using GLS at shipcloud rates the limit of liability for national and international parcels if lost or damaged is up to EUR 750.

Please note that if you don’t follow the GLS terms of carriage, your liability claim may not apply. You can find more information about this directly at GLS.

Maximum dimensions and weight

Max. weight: 40 kg
Max. length: 120cm
Second max. length: 80cm
Shortest length: 60cm, but min. 3cm
Girth size: 300 cm

You can calculate the girth size as follows: girth size = (height + width) x 2 + length (in cm)

Please note that it is not possible to send bulky shipments at shipcloud rates. You can find more information about which shipments will classify as bulky goods here.


By using shipcloud rates you can easily create national return labels. You can put the return label into the parcel as an insert or use our return portal.2


GLS reserves the right to impose surcharges, e.g., for address correction, manual sorting as well as deliveries to islands and outlying areas. A surcharge may also be applied if the actual parcel dimensions or weight do not correspond with those specified.

shipcloud reserves the right to pass on these charges to you.

Information concerning parcel drop-off and collection

GLS shipments within Germany sent at shipcloud rates can only be picked up at your storage area or store. This is only possible as a regular collection. One off collections or drop-offs at service points aren’t possible.

Shipments using your existing GLS account

If you would like to integrate your existing GLS account into shipcloud we will be happy to activate a configuration for your account. Please send an e-mail to and we will activate the configuration for you. The possibility of integrating your own GLS account is available from professional to enterprise subscription.

When your account has been activated, you can continue sending parcels at your rates. In this case, your individual terms and conditions apply with regard to:

  • transport insurance
  • (regular) collection/deposit of shipments at service points

Currently shipping with GLS via shipcloud is only possible within the EU.

The following information is required to configure your GLS account

In order to use the new GLS interface you will need the following login details for the GLS web API..

In case you don’t have the login details for the new GLS web API please contact your GLS account manager and ask for them. Please refer to the activation for the GLS web API.

How to complete the configuration for GLS shipping:
What you need Description
Username & password: Your login details for your YourGLS account. You will get these from GLS. Please contact your GLS account manager and ask for the activation for the GLS web API.
Customer-ID: Your GLS customer ID (the first part of your shipper number - before the blank space)
Contact-ID: The ID from your pickup point (the last part of your shipper number - after the blank space)
Settings for international shipping

For shipping your GLS shipments across customs borders, you must hand over your Incoterms to this carrier. These are a series of voluntary clauses for the interpretation of standard contract terms, which are uniformly interpreted internationally and applied worldwide.

With shipcloud you have the option of entering the following Incoterm codes:

  • ddp (Delivered free, duty paid, taxed)
  • ddp_untaxed (Delivered free, duty paid, untaxed)
  • dap (Delivered free, duty unpaid, untaxed)
  • dap_cleared (Delivered free, no duty, no taxes)

You can either define these directly in your GLS configuration as standard for all your international shipments or transfer them to us via API.

Please note: You must provide this information if you want to ship internationally across customs borders with GLS.

If you still have questions about international shipping with GLS, you will find helpful information directly at GLS.

Tip: Where to find the details

Log in with your details for the GLS web API at GLS. You will find your shipper number in the lower section of your shipping address under "Processing" > "Send Parcel". The front part before the blank space is your customer-ID. The last part after the blank space is your contact-ID.

Returns with your own GLS account

Using your own GLS account you can create national and international return labels by using shipcloud.2 Put the return label into the parcel as an insert or use our return portal.

Additional services for GLS

We have integrated the following additional services for GLS into shipcloud:

GLS CashService (Cash on delivery): Currently this service is only possible when using your own GLS account & via API request.

GLS Guaranteed24Service (Delivery on the next working day): Currently this service is only possible when using your own GLS account & via API request. It can only be booked for national shipments within Germany. GLS will deliver on the next working day (Mo-Fr) by guarantee.

GLS Pick&ShipService: Currently this service is only possible when using your own GLS account & via API request. With GLS Pick&Ship you create a shipping order including pickup of the shipment for the next working day.

GLS FlexDeliveryService (Advance notice): You can use this service via shipcloud rates or your own account and only via API request.

GLS ShopDeliveryService (Parcel shop delivery): You can use this service via shipcloud rates or your own account and only via API request.

If you are using the services named above, additional costs may occur. For more information please contact our sales team at

Shipping to non-EU countries

Currently shipping with GLS is only available within the EU.

1 shipcloud provides assistance from Germany for EU-wide shipping of your GLS parcels. With your own GLS account, you can also ship from Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Poland and Spain.

2 With your own GLS account you can also ship internationally. Please note, that in this case you must hand over the corresponding Incoterms to us. You can also find more information here.

3 Create national returns from Germany using our business rates or your own account. With your own account you can also send international returns from other countries than Germany.