Do you need a quick, reliable, and convenient way of sending parcels? Then join the 220,000 customers across Europe who choose GLS (General Logistics Systems) – one of Europe’s leading parcel service providers. GLS specializes in reliable shipping of standard and express parcels up to 40 kg within specified delivery times, no matter how large the dimensions or how small the quantity.

Charges for GLS shipping labels are based on the following maximum weight categories: 2 kg, 3 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg, and 31.5 kg. GLS reserves the right to impose surcharges, e.g., for address correction, manual sorting, island delivery, fuel, or if the size and weight of the shipment do not correspond with those specified in shipcloud.

Using your own GLS account in shipcloud

It is currently only possible to use GLS in shipcloud if you have your own GLS account. After setting up your account in shipcloud, you can continue to send shipments under your existing GLS terms and conditions. These terms and conditions will include transport insurance, collection/deposit of shipments at GLS locations, and international shipping (including outside the EU).

Setting up your existing GLS account in shipcloud

If you would like to use your existing GLS account in shipcloud, please contact us at Once we have enabled this for you, GLS will appear in the shipcloud WebUI under "Configurations" -> "Carriers" -> "GLS". All you have to do then is enter the following details:

Standard shipping

Contact ID: ID of pickup point
Customer reference: GLS customer number for pickup point
GLS-Password: The password of your GLS login at the GLS website.
Debitor number: The customer number of the invoice recipient

Important information about shipping with GLS

Please create a test label and send it to your responsible GLS Depot for approval before actually starting with your GLS shipments.

Please note that you have to request a pickup for all GLS shipments from your depot by calling GLS directly. The scan of your shipments will occur initial in the depot. After the scan you will then receive your GLS parcel number in order to track the shipments. To assure a safe documentary of the process, we would reccomend to create a packing list which the driver should sign afterwards. You can generate your cargo list as a PDF file in your shipcloud WebUI under "Track".


It is not currently possible to create and print return labels for GLS.

Shipping to non-EU countries

When shipping to non-EU countries, please remember to complete the relevant customs documents, e.g., pro forma or commercial invoice. As we do not currently support customs/tax formalities and the associated documentation, you will have to clear your shipments directly. This is also the case if you send shipments exclusively through shipcloud, i.e., if you do not have your own GLS account. Please follow the guidelines provided by GLS and contact the carrier directly if you have any queries.

Please write a short email and we will create a pickup point for you with GLS.