Do you need to send shipments quickly and securely? With Hermes, you can ship your standard packages and parcels nationwide in Germany and to more than 20 other European countries at attractive rates and with an extensive range of service options.

Whether you use Hermes regularly or not, you can always rely on timely delivery, both nationally and internationally.

To help you tailor your shipments to the needs of each customer, Hermes offers two main parcel types in Germany: the "Hermes Päckchen" (small package) and a parcel format in sizes S to XXL. All Hermes shipments are insured: €50 for the Hermes Päckchen and €500 for parcels. Using shipcloud and Hermes tracking, both you and your customers can follow the progress of each shipment.

Charges for Hermes shipping labels are calculated according to the physical dimensions (sum of longest side + shortest side). Up to a maximum weight of 30 kg, the charge is based on the following size classes: 0-30 cm, 0-50 cm, 50-80 cm, 80-120 cm, and 120-180 cm. In the largest size category, the longest side should not exceed 120 cm and the shortest side should not exceed 60 cm. Hermes reserves the right to impose surcharges, e.g., for address correction, manual sorting, island delivery, fuel, or if the size and weight of the shipment do not correspond with those specified in shipcloud.

Using Hermes in shipcloud if you don’t have your own account

If you want to use Hermes under shipcloud’s terms and conditions for business customers, please contact and we will create a pickup point for you with Hermes. Once activated, Hermes will appear in your shipcloud WebUI. When you create a Hermes parcel in shipcloud, it is insured nationally and internationally up to €500 and can be collected from your warehouse, store, or any other address in Germany. Please note that Hermes charges a collection fee of €3 for up to 4 parcels. Collection is free if sending 5 parcels or more. Under our terms and conditions with Hermes, it is not possible to drop off shipments at a Hermes parcel shop. shipcloud supports international shipping from Germany to all countries in the EU. Please note that it is not possible to send parcels with Hermes if the longest side exceeds 120 cm or the weight exceeds 31.5 kg. However, if Hermes accepts a parcel that is later found to be oversized, Hermes will apply a surcharge that will then be added to your shipcloud bill.

Using your own Hermes account in shipcloud

If you already have your own Hermes account, you can also use it in shipcloud under your existing terms and conditions. These terms and conditions will include transport insurance, (regular) collection/deposit at Hermes locations, and international shipping (including outside the EU).

Setting up your existing Hermes account in shipcloud

If you would like to use your existing Hermes account in shipcloud, please contact Once activated, Hermes will appear in your shipcloud WebUI under "Configurations" -> "Carriers" -> "Hermes". All you have to do then is enter your user name and password (login details for your Hermes account. The fields "Usertoken" and "Usertoken-Update" are automatically populated by the system.

For returns, please ask Hermes for the required username and password to enter in the shipcloud WebUI.

Creating return labels

At present it is only possible to create return labels for Hermes through the shipcloud API and using your own Hermes account.

Shipping to non-EU countries

When shipping to non-EU countries, please remember to complete the relevant customs documents, e.g., pro forma or commercial invoice. As we do not currently support customs/tax formalities and the associated documentation, you will have to clear your shipments directly. This is also the case if you send shipments exclusively through shipcloud, i.e., if you do not have your own Hermes account. Please follow the guidelines provided by Hermes and contact the carrier directly if you have any queries.

Please write us a short email and we will create a pickup point for you with Hermes.