MyDPD Business
(formerly iloxx/MyDPD Business)

If you want to send a small number of shipments but arrange everything online, then DPD has the perfect solution. MyDPD Business (formerly iloxx/MyDPD business) is a powerful online platform with a host of benefits for infrequent shippers.

Are you a frequent shipper? Then DPD's large-scale service, DPD, is the right choice for you.

MyDPD Business is a professional tool for commercial package shipping

MyDPD Business (formerly iloxx/MyDPD Business) from DPD provides professional services at special rates to small and medium-sized shippers. The minimum volume is 10 shipments per month, for which you also receive one-to-one support. Other benefits include a broad-based network of more than 800 locations across Germany and Europe, premium services such as Predict and Live-Tracking, as well as more than 6,000 Pickup parcelshops in Germany alone. Use the shipcloud interface to create and manage shipping orders or print packing slips and labels with just a few clicks, all within your familiar environment.

Why choose MyDPD Business:

  • Professional package shipping at attractive rates
  • Create shipping orders quickly and easily
  • One-to-one contact
  • Add services (e.g., Predict) as required
  • Live-Tracking
  • Carbon neutral

Start using MyDPD Business now and enjoy professional shipping and satisfied customers, while also saving time and money!

Part of DPDgroup, the second-largest international parcel delivery network in Europe, DPD Germany offers a wide range of nationwide and international (EU and worldwide) shipping services. From standard and express delivery to a variety of service options. Using shipcloud’s tracking function, both you and your customers can follow the progress of your standard and express shipments.

Using your own MyDPD Business account in shipcloud

If you already have your own MyDPD Business account (formerly iloxx/MyDPD Business), you can easily integrate it with shipcloud (this service is not otherwise supported). You can then create shipments in shipcloud under your existing terms and conditions. These terms and conditions apply not only to the collection of shipments from your warehouse or store, but also for services such as international shipping (including outside the EU) and insurance. DPD reserves the right to impose surcharges, e.g., for address correction, oversize packages, island delivery, and fuel. shipcloud reserves the right to pass on this charge to you.

Setting up your MyDPD Business account in shipcloud

If you would like to use your existing MyDPD Business account in shipcloud, please contact Once activated, MyDPD Business will appear in your shipcloud WebUI under “Configurations” -> “Carriers” -> “MyDPD Business.” All you have to do then is enter the following details:

  • Username
  • Usertoken

The latter can be found in your user account on the MyDPD Business website.

Creating return labels

At present it is only possible to create return labels for MyDPD Business through the shipcloud API and using your own MyDPD Business account.

Shipping to non-EU countries

When shipping to non-EU countries, please remember to complete the relevant customs documents, e.g., pro forma or commercial invoice. As it is not possible to create these documents through shipcloud, please follow the guidelines provided by DPD and contact the carrier directly if you have any queries.

Are you a frequent shipper? Then DPD may be right for you. Find out here.

You can start using MyDPD Business (formerly iloxx/MyDPD Business) with a few simple steps. Just register, add your default from address and you're done!