DPD shipping with shipcloud

DPD integration made easy

With shipcloud, you can quickly and easily connect DPD to your store, ERP or inventory management system. To do this, use our RESTful API or one of the plug-ins already available.

This enables you to create shipping labels automatically from your existing system. There is no need to laboriously type in names and addresses or import address data via CSV files. With integrated shipment tracking, you and your customers also know exactly where the shipment is at all times.

If sending parcels is a major part of your daily business, then DPD (Dynamic Parcel Distribution) has everything you need with a full-service package for frequent shippers.

The benefits of shipcloud’s integration for DPD:

  • Use our DPD business rates
  • Alternatively, use your own DPD business rates
  • Create the right return label for inclusion in every shipment
  • Take advantage of automatic shipment tracking - fitted to your own design
You can start using DPD with a few simple steps. Just register, add your default from address and you're done!

An overview of DPD’s integration into shipcloud:

Shipping Option:

  • Standard (EU-wide) (S/O) 1
  • Standard (international) (O) 1
  • Express (international) (S/O) 2
  • Return (S/O) 3
  • PARCELLetter (O)

Additional Services:

  • Tracking (S/O)
  • Pickup (S/O)
  • DPD Predict (only via API) (S/O)
  • Drop authorization (S/O)
  • Saturday delivery (O)
  • DPD Food (O)
(S/O): Possible under shipcloud terms and with own account
(O): Possible only with own account

shipcloud provides assistance from Germany for EU-wide shipping of your DPD parcels. With your own DPD contract, you can also ship from Austria.

Please contact sales@shipcloud.io for more information.

Get started now with DPD

Thanks to its cloud-based interface shipcloud offers online retailers an easy & fast connection to DPD. This allows you to automate your processes and respond flexibly to customer requirements.

You can use DPD at both our and your own business rates.

You can integrate your own carrier contracts starting from our Professional subscription.

If you are interested in shipping with DPD via your own business rates, please contact our support team at support@shipcloud.io so we can activate the carrier DPD for you.

You will find all the important information you need to know when shipping with DPD in our Help Center.

An overview of all other CEP service providers (courier-express parcel services) connected via shipcloud can be found here.

shipcloud is integrated in

1 shipcloud provides assistance from Germany for EU-wide shipping of your DPD parcels. With your own DPD contract you can also ship outside the EU.

2 shipcloud provides assistance for shipping with DPD Express within Germany. With your own DPD contract you can also use this service internationally. Please ask your DPD account manager for more details.

3 Return labels via the return portal are for national returns only. Return labels as an insert can be created both for national returns as well as for the countries Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium.