Integrate shipcloud with Zapier in more than 1.000 systems

Zapier allows you to easily combine shipcloud with other software services. Just connect your shipcloud account with Zapier and you'll have direct access to more than 1.000 already integrated apps. Zapier enables you to use shipcloud in whole new ways, that weren't available at the moment or would need to you to invest money into development.

Thanks to an intuitive user interface you can easily create "zaps" that will be started by a "trigger" of your choosing. Creating these individualised zaps you will be able to connect different systems with almost no effort and trigger actions within them to handle the transmitted data. If you want to add more systems you can do so and create zaps with multiple steps and systems to create a fully individualised use case which fits your needs.

What can I do with shipcloud and Zapier?

Zapier already connects more that a thousand systems with each other. The use cases therefore are diverse and can be fitted to what you actually need. We've created a few zap templates you can start using right way and that will give you a better understanding of what you can do with shipcloud and Zapier:

Connect shipcloud via Zapier to more than 1.000 software systems.

This is how it works:

  1. Create a shipcloud account or create one
  2. Copy the api key: After registering/logging in you just need to visit your api key page and copy the api key you want to use. For testing purposes you use the sandbox api key and if you want to create actual shipping labels you use the live api key.
  3. Setup your shipcloud account within: You can either connect your shipcloud account using the link "Connected Accounts" from the navigation, or simply connect it when creating a new zap. After choosing the app "shipcloud" a popup will open and you can enter/paste in your api key.
  4. Automatic connection check: After submitting the form, Zapier will automatically check the connection and you will be able to use shipcloud right away.

FAQ for using shipcloud in Zapier

Feature x is only available when using your own contract

shipcloud makes it possible to connect to a multitude of shipping carriers and their services out-of-the-box using contracts owned by us. Unfortunately some restrictions apply. Some of the services can't be provided using those contracts which means you will have to use your own. A list of services provided can be found on the respective carrier detail page.

Of course you can integrate your own carrier contracts and use them within shipcloud. Detailed information can be found at "Not all carriers are available" .

Not all carriers are available.

After registering at shipcloud, you will have immediate access to DHL, UPS and DPD.

From our Professional subscription you can easily integrate your existing accounts for all connected carriers (DHL, DHL Express, Deutsche Post, UPS, DPD, Hermes, GLS, MyDPD Business (iloxx), TNT, PARCEL.ONE and GO!). Please let us know for which carriers you would like to integrate your account. We would be happy to activate the configuration for you. Simply send us an email to

Error 402 - Payment Required

All of our plans have a limit for creating shipping labels within your monthly billing period. If you reach this limit you will get the error message "You've reached your limit for creating labels". And the http status code 402 will be returned.

If this is the case you will have to upgrade your shipcloud plan within your account.

Address can't be supplied in a single string

Unfortunately some of the carriers we provide need the address to be supplied in two parts. The street name and the house number. Due to this reason we need you to be able to supply the address parts separated.