Your access to cloud based multi-carrier shipping

You want to create shipping labels directly from your system? Thanks to 50+ integrations into the leading shop, ERP and inventory management systems or via RESTful API, you can start shipping immediately with shipcloud.
Because shipping can be so easy.

shipcloud makes complex things easy

Your previous shipping solution is not flexible enough and too expensive for you?

shipcloud gives you easy and flexible access to multi-carrier shipping, tracking and return. Bundle your shipping needs and be prepared for large shipping volumes.

Our cloud based technology gives you a reliable and stable shipping solution with very low risk of failure.

Because shipping can be so easy.

Your advantages with shipcloud

1. Efficient technology - A RESTful API from the cloud – for low default risk and without any setup-costs.

2. Easy integration - Ship immediately without complex integrations in 50+ store, ERP or inventory management systems

3. Easy access to multi-carrier-shipping & tracking - Standard process for all carriers – from label creation to tracking

4. Easy administration - Cost transparency and control to manage all carriers in one account

5. Flexible return management - Return label to your needs – as parcel inserts or via return portal

6. Ideal international shipping - Creation of customs documents and optimized shipping costs thanks to multi-carrier shipping

Great features for your shipments

With our features Send, Track and Return, we standardise your entire process so you can focus on the essentials. With shipcloud you can start relaxed in the future.

Send - automated processing of your shipping orders
Track - individual shipment tracking thanks to automated multi-carrier-tracking
Return - return optimization conveniently via email or return portal

You want to know more about the shipcloud features or haven't found the right one yet?