shipcloud is your Shipping Service Provider

Because shipping can be so easy. We take care of the technical side and connect you with all relevant carriers thanks to our modern RESTful API. And thanks to 50+ integrations into the leading shop, ERP and inventory management systems or via RESTful API you can manage your customers' shipping processes uniformly and across systems.
And you? All you have to do is register with shipcloud and you're ready to go. Benefit immediately from our comprehensive range of services and optimize your shipping - this will also make your customers happy.

Your advantages with shipcloud

1. Optimized shipping costs - thanks to flexible shipping options. Use shipcloud business rates or integrate your own contracts or those of your customers.

2. Easy integration - ship immediately without complex integrations via RESTful API or in 50+ store, ERP or inventory management systems. This saves effort and makes it particularly easy to use.

3. Fast shipping start - no hardware & setup costs. Thanks to the simple integration options you can get started immediately after registering and integrate your own carrier contracts.

4. Uniform label creation - create the shipping labels with your customer's logos, for all carriers always the same way and directly from your system.

5. Future-proof - shipcloud takes care of all updates & service enhancements of the CEP services used. You don't have to worry about anything and don't have to bother with time-consuming, manual updates.

6. Additional services - return management thanks to simple label creation and return portal. Automated multi-carrier tracking in the customer design ensures more customer satisfaction.

A relaxed start into the future with shipcloud

As a fulfillment service provider you face new challenges every day. As individual as your processes are, so are your customers. Each with different requirements for the optimal process. That’s why it is so important that the shipping process runs smoothly. shipcloud supports your entire shipping process - from standard shipping and express delivery to returns. All this includes tracking - fully automated across all carriers.

Because with our Send, Track and Return features we standardise your entire process. So you have time to concentrate on the essentials. With shipcloud you can start relaxed into your future.

Send - automated processing of your shipping orders
Track - individual shipment tracking thanks to automated multi-carrier-tracking
Return - return optimization conveniently via email or return portal

Want to learn more about the shipcloud features? Then take a look at our feature page.