The ideal shipping solution for marketplaces

One marketplace, many marketplace retailers - with to shipcloud you always have an overview of all retailers and their shipments thanks to uniform shipping options and multi-location shipping processes.

Uniform shipping options

Offer your marketplace retailers uniform shipping options with the same pricing

Thanks to nationally and internationally uniform prices, you always have an overview of your costs, even with a large number of marketplace retailers. And your retailers benefit from uniform pricing for shipping their products.

Automated payment processing

You can use tracking-based, uniform and automated invoicing across all retailers

With shipcloud you save yourself a time-consuming billing process. Process your payments central and automatically across all marketplace retailers shipments.

Tracking in your brand look

Always design the shipping information in the look & feel of your marketplace

Always keep customers in your brand world - thanks to shipcloud you can always design your shipment tracking individually in the brand look of your marketplace - and therefore create a consistent customer experience from order to delivery.

Uniform return process

Across all users and with automated credits

After delivery comes the return - thanks to shipcloud, you can manage the return of your marketplace retailers in a uniform and clear way thanks to automated credits.

Multi locations

Use shipcloud uniformly for all your marketplace retailers at different locations

Whether you have few or many marketplace retailers - you can use shipcloud at any number of addresses and across multiple locations. This enables a uniform shipping process for each location.

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Flexibility through shipcloud

  • Recommerce retailers

    With shipcloud you have the possibility to control your shipping process centrally and automatically. Give your customers the choice of many drop off points and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Fulfillment service providers

    Because shipping can be so easy. We take care of the technical side and connect you with all relevant carriers thanks to our modern RESTful API. And thanks to 50+ integrations into the leading shop, ERP and inventory management systems or via RESTful API you can manage your customers' shipping processes uniformly and across systems.