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Our pioneering, cloud-based shipping platform provides a simple and uniform interface to all major carriers. Thanks to our modern RESTful API and 130+ integrations with the leading e-commerce systems, you can easily integrate our service into your shipping management processes.

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With our Send, Track & Return features, you can professionalize your shipping – from orders to returns. We grow with your requirements.

shipcloud Send
Optimized shipping takes your system to the next level

Say goodbye to unnecessary workflows. Generate shipping labels for all carriers from one single interface.

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shipcloud Track 
Tracking information for you & your customers

With shipcloud tracking, you benefit from our multi-carrier tracking solution for all major parcel services.

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shipcloud Return 
A return process that you & your customers will love

With shipcloud you can design and set up your own flexible return process, including your own return portal.

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The scalable shipping platform that grows with your business

One single interface 
for all carriers

We guarantee a professional management and optimization of your shipping processes. Manage shipping directly from your store, ERP, marketplace, fulfilment or inventory management system. Thanks to our cloud-based shipping platform, we connect you with all the major carriers and make sure you are not dependent on a single parcel service. This allows you to focus on your core activities.

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Easy integration – save time and reduce stress with our modern RESTful API or 130+ existing integrations for instant shipping success.

Multi-carrier shipping – flexibly choose the best carrier for each shipment scenario and your customer’s individual requirements.

Smart management – keep track of all shipments and returns from your carriers.

Major time savings – easily create shipping labels in your proven system for any volume of shipments.

Cost optimization – always choose the right parcel service. Integrate your own business rates or benefit from the attractive shipcloud business rates.

Increased customer satisfaction – provide an optimal shipping experience with automatic tracking and easy return process.

The Connox success story
Digital Future – tomorrow’s online shopping, today

Which processes ensure customers to get their parcels on time? Take a look behind the scenes of the leading furniture shipper Connox and find out how digital expansion with shipcloud as a technology partner works.

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